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CTE Ambassadors

Interested in becomming a CTE Ambassador?  

Interested in becomming a CTE Ambassador?  

Applications for the next school year will be available beginning in April.  CTE Student Ambassador Applications for the upcoming 23-24 school year are now closed and applicants have been notified.  Thanks for your interest!
2022-2023 CCA CTE Student Ambassadors

2022-2023 CCA CTE Student Ambassadors

22-23 CTE Ambassadors THS
22-23 CTE Ambassadors SJHHS
22-23 CTE Ambassadors SCHS
22-23 CTE Ambassadors LBHS
22-23 CTE Ambassadors DHHS
22-23 CTE Ambassadors CVHS
22-23 CTE Ambassadors ANHS
What is a CTE Ambassador? 

What is a CTE Ambassador? 

A CTE Ambassador is a student who has taken, or is currently enrolled in, a Career Technical Education course, who wants to represent their school and community as a vital link between CTE classes and CCA Administration.  
  • Have the opportunity to network with business professionals, the community, and CTE students from other schools within CUSD!
  • Promote CTE courses and provide information to peers, parents, school staff, and industry partners both on and off your high school campus. 
  • Utilitze your leadership skills to educate and promote CTE through participation in events such as Innovation Showcases College Fairs, and Back to School Nights
CTE Ambassador Profiles

Learn more about the 2022-2023 CTE Ambassadors
CTE Ambassador Profiles

Aliso Niguel High School

Name: Sophia Hu
CTE Courses:
Medical/Hospital Careers
Forensic Science
Multimedia Design

The three things I love most about my CTE programs are the unique first
hand experiences I am able to have with medical and lab equipment, the
opportunities to speak with, hear from, and work with professionals in
my various fields of interest, and the incredible classmates and teachers
that I have met who have made the learning environment welcoming,
insightful, and collaborative.
I plan on using the skills I have learned from CTE programs in my
internship at a pediatric therapy facility, as well as in my artistic and
scientific pursuits beyond high school. In the future, I plan to complete a
degree in neuroscience.
Name: Sienna Roth
Three things I love about my CTE class are the practical labs, the life lessons, and learning how it applies to the real world. I plan on using these skills because I want to be a nurse, and this class gives me a head start on that. Also, even if I don’t end up working in the medical field, what we learn will help when I go to the doctor. 
Name: Tram Tran
In Pharmacy I fostered the skills that would prepare me to be successful in medicine practices. In Medical Assisting I learned to efficiently assist physicians in medical offices. Through doing instead of watching, I gain competence and skills for a workplace setting. Through showing up to class, I gained a network of people who can offer me advice and insights. Through the College and Career Advantage programs I have attained invaluable knowledge about the career field that I find interesting and would want to pursue.  I plan on using these advantages that I have attained through CTE programs to provide me with a clear understanding of what the medical field demands, to see if this career is a fit for me, and to help me secure a successful and better-paid job in the future.
Name: Christian Grenier
I love participating in the CTE program because it opens up so many opportunities for my future. By taking MIRE, I learned how to successfully run and fund a business while working on solving real-world problems. When I took Culinary Arts, I learned how to live on my own. I plan to use the foundations from my CTE courses to eventually start my own business while pursuing a degree in Psychology.

Capo Valley High School

Dana Hills High School

Laguna Beach High School

San Clemente High School

San Juan Hills High School

Tesoro High School