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Executive Director Message

As the world emerges from a global health crisis, students need to be prepared for an ever­changing future. College and Career Advantage (CCA) offers Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses available throughout Capistrano and Laguna Beach Unified School Districts during the school day and after the school day. Classes are taught by industry experts in sectors such as Engineering and Architecture, Aviation, Healthcare, Public Services, Law, Robotics, Dental Assisting, Surgical Technology, and many others. All CTE courses offered integrate academic skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) with career skills. 
While learning valuable industry skills, these courses offer the opportunity to earn college credit, meet UC a-g entrance requirements and earn honors weighting. In fact, 100% of CCA courses are UC a-g approved. This added value helps to prepare students for the world beyond their Kl2 education. In many cases students can graduate from high school with a diploma, college credit, industry certifications, and having completed internships with over 500 local business and industry partners. 
Approximately 17,000 students in CUSD and LBUSD take CTE courses beginning in middle school and expanding in high school pathways. These students will be better prepared for both college and careers. We have a saying around here, "skills pay the bills" and that rings true for all of us regardless of the path we take to a successful career. Statistics show that students who take CTE courses in high school are more successful in attaining their college goals, earning a degree and earning more money in their chosen field. These high-quality CTE courses prepare students to be successful in life beyond high school, wherever their path takes them. 
Pati Romo
Executive Director, CTE
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