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Executive Director Message

The 2022-23 school year welcomes a more familiar beginning to a new school year. College and Career Advantage (CCA) continues to integrate lessons learned from the past two years to enhance programs and continue to provide high-quality CTE experiences for all students.
CCA proudly offers Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses that assist our community by providing highly qualified candidates for the ever changing and growing workforce needs in Orange County. CCA offers courses throughout Capistrano and Laguna Beach Unified School Districts during and after the school day. Credentialed industry experts teach classes across multiple industry sectors. CCA’s goal is to enhance every student’s high school journey with high-quality CTE experiences and provide the community with industry specific training opportunities that can lead directly to employment.
Students taking CCA courses can earn college credit, meet UC a-g entrance requirements and earn honors GPA weighting. Students also have the opportunity to participate in industry internships at over 500 local businesses and industry partners. This added value helps prepare students for the world beyond their K12 education.

Approximately 17,000 CUSD and LBUSD students take CTE courses. CTE exposure begins in elementary school; middle schools offer CTE exploration labs and high school students can move through several CTE pathways.

Statistics show students participating in CTE courses are more likely to graduate from high school, attain their college goals and earn a degree than students not participating in CTE courses. CCA’s high-quality CTE courses prepare students to be successful in life beyond high school regardless of where their journey takes them.

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Dr. Paul Weir
Executive Director, College and Career Advantage

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